Why Netflix is (Still) the Best Streaming Service

For weeks Netflix has been under the microscope, with some news, blogs, and videos detailing its recent Struggles with losing subscribers a shift from its rapid growth which they have only witnessed back in 2011.This revealed that the company’s years of intense subscription rise had finally come to an end. The news sent its shares tumbling as investors began to wonder if this is the ultimate fall from grace for the company. It looks like the streaming giant’s glory days are behind them, with the stats showing that they expected to lose 2 million users from around the world.
Just a month after Netflix pulled the plug on Russia dumping about 700,000 subscribers in the garbage, joining the number of corporations leaving Russia to protest the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. The massive loss led to Netflix’s crackdown on their shows by canceling them like their most recent cancelation of the sci-fi drama show Raising Dion after the show’s season 2 which premiered in February this year.
Despite losing 200,000 subscribers, Netflix is still the best option for streaming. Why is Netflix still worth it? It’s all about what Netflix does better than other streaming services like HBO Max, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others.
As the saying goes “Content is King” Netflix has by far the largest library of self-produced shows across all genres. Not everything is great, but there’s a lot to like about their original show like Squid Game, Bridgerton, You, The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown, etc., their huge amount of quality content that is unrivaled by any other streaming site, a streamlined interface, and equally unique collections of binge- worthy films and series.
In 2021, Netflix launched the first and only mobile games category in a streaming service for both online and offline games such as Stranger things: 1984, Krispee Street, Shooting Hoops, Bowling Ballers, and Card blast. By the end of this year, the streaming video service will put out about 50 Mobile Games for its IOS and Android device subscribers. 
Netflix is a global phenomenon while other streaming services aren’t, Netflix is available in more than 190 countries from all sides world well except in North Korea, Syria China, Crimea, and As of March 2022, Russia too. Each country has its very own catalog of original and certified TV shows and movies. The country content can’t be changed unless the user moves to another country. Some people claim “wokeness” is what ultimately led to the downfall of the streaming platform. Numerous companies, brands, and companies claim to be diverse and inclusive, but Netflix is ​​the most diverse streaming service, according to the various studies conducted on diverseness not just in their employees but in their content.
There are about 62 languages available on Netflix, the rarest of which are Quechua, Sanskrit, Nepali, Czech, Persian, Yiddish, Assamese, and Wolof. It results in some people being able to learn different languages, and it exposes users to stories, characters, people, cultures, views and perspectives that they wouldn’t otherwise be accessible to. 
Though Netflix had its fair share of controversial issues from their alarming movie and shows like cuties, Messiah to the famous Dave Chappell comedy special The Closer .Irrespective of these controversies, the Change in price or its sanction on Russia, Netflix still has 80 million subscribers this capacity proves that Netflix is still nonetheless the most famous streaming out there

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