What happens when you quit added sugar completely?

What is added sugar?
Added sugars are added during the preparation and processing of foods and averages. They are not present naturally in the food. Added sugars are in the form of dextrose and sucrose. 
A healthy eating plate does not include added sugar at all. Sugary drinks and sweets should be used as sparingly as possible because your body does not need to get any carbohydrate from added sugar. 
American heart association recommendations:
(AHA) American Heart Association has suggested strictly the added sugar limit of no more than 100 calories per day (about 6 tablespoons which makes 24 grams) for most adult women. For Men the added sugar limit has been set to not more than 150 calories per day ( about 9 teaspoon or 36 grams of sugar). 
For children between age 2—18, The recommended added sugar range is even less than 6 teaspoon or 24 grams per day. 
How can we avoid added sugar? 
Since added sugars are used during the processing of desserts, foods and beverages so we don’t get to know that you are feeding yourself mere empty calories. 
✔️The Sugary carbonated drinks:
The sugary carbonated drink are the prime source of added sugar. Despite being loaded with empty calories, it does not make you feel full, causing you to feel hungry and drink more. 
You’ll be surprised to know that a single soft drink can you drink contain 39 grams of sugar which makes you about 10 tablespoon. 
By completing Avoiding these sugar-sweetened beverages and replacing them with some healthy beverages such as green tea, ginger tea, flavored water and other healthy smoothies and juices you can make a big change in your lifestyle and overall health. 
✔️Don’t Bring breakfast Cereals home:
Breakfast Cereals which are marketed as one of the most nutritious snack one can have one in the morning has hardly anything in it in the name of nutrition. Unfortunately these seemingly healthy snacks can contain a very high amount of added sugar, flavoring agents and of course no nutrition. 
The marketing strategies try to fool people by either masking the amount of sugar in the product on the ingredient list or by avoiding having sugar as the first ingredient. But my friends your body can’t distinguish between different types or forms of sugar. It gets metabolized into the same end product and used by the body in the same way as it uses other breakdown products of sugars. 
For some healthy breakfast option you can include plain yogurt, whole wheat toast, oats, a  fruit dish , eggs or any other minimally refined food. 
No more bakery items:
Bakery products which includes biscuits, cakes, pastries, muffins, brownies and chocolate could be among yours favorite desserts, however they should be eaten once in a while because they are loaded with refined sugar. 
Sugar in hidden form:
Sugar is added in Prepration of salad dressing, yogurt, ketchup,  refined breads, Pastas and many other products which we consider are healthy. It is very important to check the ingredient list before putting them in your cart. 
✔️The “health halo”strategy:
Be careful of the foods and cereals that wears a health halo. 
🔺For example A product ingredient list indicates that it contain whole grains, several anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, E, beta-carotene and sugar but it also contains 24 grams of added sugar. So be sure to scan the entire ingredient list. 
Why added sugar should be avoided? 
As I’ve previously mentioned that your body doesn’t need any sort of Carbohydrates from added sugars as you are already getting Carbohydrates unknowingly in a number of natural foods you eat daily. Added sugar does not provide  any nutritional benefits. Infact, they are the main reasons why you are developing type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and other chronic conditions.
Results of quitting sugar:
Generally foods which contain less than 5% of added sugar makes a healthy choice, while foods which contain more than 20% added sugar should be avoided.
🔺Weight management as a result of quiting added sugar:
If your sugar intake is above the recommended range, the results come in front of you whenever you get on the scale. 
By quiting sugar you can reduce your weight as sugar causes a spike in blood sugar levels which results in secretion of insulin. The high insulin levels messes up with your metabolism by turning those sugary calories right into belly fat. 
🔺Increase energy levels by quitting sugar:
I’ve always heard my friends say” let’s eat chocolate it’ll perk you up”
Chocolates or any other sugary food can make you happy for a moment. But remember it also causes blood sugar crash leaving us lethargic and less focused. 
By quitting sugar you can visibly see an improvement in your energy levels. 
No sugar no inflammation:
Excess Sugar consumption can lead to inflammation in joints and other body parts leading to aches and pains. 
By quitting sugar you significantly reduces the inflammation as well as risk factors associated with it. 
Better heart health as a result of quitting sugar:
Added sugar can increase the levels of bad cholesterol and lowers the levels of good cholesterol in your body. Just simply by cutting sugar you can save yourself from heart diseases and risk factors associated with it. 
A healthier liver as a result of quitting sugar:
Excess sugar consumption can lead to fatty build-up in the liver. By quitting sugar completely you can promote your liver health as too much sugar is as hard on the liver as too much alcohol. 
Decreased risk of diabetes by quitting sugar:
By exercising properly and cutting on sugar you decrease your chances of developing diabetes. As Excess sugar consumption os linked with weight gain which is key factor in diabetes. 
Quitting sugar and diminished risk of cancer:
Weight gain and body fat increases the risk of cancer and there’s a plenty of evidence that quitting sugar can lower risk of cancer. 
According to a study of people who eat a lot of refined sugar in their diets were found to show an increase in pancreatic cancer

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