Very Sad Story of a girl

Hi, I’m Dory, well that’s not my real name, it’s just a nickname, but sometimes I feel like Dory… that’s another story.

I’m a girl who was always so shy, but only in school, in my house I was completely different, open and extroverted, I never understanded why…
I suffered bullying all trough school, but I never told my parents, not even now, I always suffered that alone, trying not to show my pain so my parents wouldn’t notice, I thought they wouldn’t care, they had so many problems already and I didn’t wanted to bring them more so I never told them…
They never let me go out alone or even with friends, even now to this day even tho I’m old enough to decide myself they still give me problems to be able to have a social life.
When I started high school I thought my shyness would end, because well I was older, but it never did, even tho I tried so hard to talk with people, there was something that didn’t let me, I don’t know how to explain it but it was like a force inside of me trapping me…
After two years I was still in highschool, all stayed the same way, and with my parents too, so I decided to escape highschool and meet with a guy I met through internet, and everything went well, he was a little older than me but that didn’t matter, we started dating and became boyfriends a little later, everything was great and I was so in love, till one day he left me trough message, that day my whole life got really bad, I didn’t had friends and couldn’t talk to my family because they didn’t knew about him and the fact I used to escape school to see him, so I tried so hard to keep my tears so they won’t notice, and when my family left I cried a lot, days went by and I felt worse and worse till one day I almost tried to kill myself.
Days after that something happend that I never expected and wish it never happend, my exes brother texted me wanting to go out with me, I was so sad and fragile at that moment that I accepted, we dated some months and had a relationship. I even got the strength to introduce him to my parents, after that everything went wrong, and we ended the relationship.
I didn’t had another relationship since then, even tho I tried it always went wrong. I still dreaming about having a real relationship someday, but I always end up hurt..

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