One night before joining college

 I was very excited about the college and hostel too… going to an new place meeting new strangers or u may say friends ☺
    I was having some feeling of leaving the house which I had never done in my life more then home living without your mom it’s very hard thing 💔. But I have to do this for my better future.  I meet my friends and we had a great experience at that party 🥳. At that time I was happy from the outside but from inside I was literally broken… leaving this friends with whom I was from 5 to 6 years . 
      ” we all decided to meet at future “
After doing party one of my friend Guru invites me and Vinayak for the dinner because vinayak was also going to the college which was in Belgum. Then we both went to guru’s house 🏠 and we had our dinner with full of comedy which made us to hold our stomach and water was coming from the eyes. 
         Then we three went out for the night ride it was soo fun . 
  Imagine you and your friend late night playing your favorite song 🎵😌 and both are singing the song loudly whiteout any fear of police or anyone else. 
        Then I dropped him to his house and then I come to my house and more then half of the luggage was already done ✔ rest of the things I started to pack my luggage 🧳 
        While packing I played  my favorite songs . My luck was so bad that 😫 all the songs were emotional songs 🎵 . It made me more emotional  😢 . After completing my work I sat and I was using phone  📱 just to lose the concentration towards leaving house 🏠. But I was wrong that thing was not leaving my mind and then I drank coffee because I’m a coffee lover 😜. Then while scrolling the social media I was taking some of the motivation and it worked a little 🙃. 
          After this all things I kept my phone aside and i started watching the moon which was glowing , and the sky which was dark , it was looking like a sea of stars 🌟 it looked so beautiful 😍. While watching I was not knowing that when I got sleep and slept then there was a sunrise

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