Maintaining Your Focus

Your focus in life is dependent on what you seek to achieve.
Yes, we all got plans and aspirations but what we do to bring those plans and aspirations into fruition is as a result of the focus we give such tasks.
Most of the time, we lose focus because we don’t remember why we started what we intend to do.
It’s simply because, the will is not there to achieve what you have set out to achieve
And what causes this unwillingness? 
Simply lack of focus.
Concentrating on a task at hand can be tedious because you will definitely have other things to attend to.
And might make the most important task or project suffer neglect.
So how do you do this one thing?
On delivering, in inputtingg or the onerous task of accomplishing what you set out to do?
Like I mentioned earlier, you have got to know your why,
If there isn’t a reason you ventured into something, you might reasons not to complete it.
So first off, you have got to define your why?
Is it for the family,self or create a legacy?
These are the things that would guide your decisions while you put in the work or decelerate.
But think about this,
Whatever is worth starting is worth a finish.
Focusing could be hard -why?
It’s because it makes you glued to the project at hand.
After all, it demands your full concentration and attention.
So how do you focus while you want to retain your concentration?
Taking a walk and changing your view
Not on the project or work at hand but your present spot.
To maintain concentration atimes, you might need to change your location
To see or do some other things and come back to the project or task.
To clear your mind and have a newer perspective of accomplishing the task at hand.
Are you passionate about the task at hand? 
Passion drives every fiber of our being, so being passionate about the task helps you sustain the momentum and drives you to attain the best regarding the project after you might have solved the why.
While you are at it, you will definitely get some dissenting voices.
Something likewhy are you doing this?
When are you going to finish this project of yours? 
This is where your circle comes in, and inasmuch as you have to shut out dissenting voices that negate or doubt your aspirations.
You need a circle that motivates you to succeed no matter the enormity of the task at hand.
Small distractions do come in form of doom-scrolling and *phubbing.
We all have that phone-time that we just stay glued to the phone and do nothing except checking notifications and chat all day.
Isn’t that what we do?
And while at it we snub people around us even while seated together, our togetherness is far apart.
As much as this may be a very hard task, putting your phone way does wonders in focusing your mind as distractions abound while surfing the Internet because it keeps your mind from wandering.
Who knows if someone you are interacting with has some answers to the questions that you need  answers as regards the project or task at hand.
On the other hand, if you have to use your phone, read on the project or task to gain more knowledge in solving the pertinent issue holding you or slowing you down in accomplishing it in real time
And finally, how are you living? There are two things you need to focus on yourself while focusing externally on that task.
Your health and safety, and safety is meant by way of your means of livelihood.
If your health is wavering, you can’t focus on anything at the time more than how you want to recover.
And if your livelihood is threatened, your probability of accomplishing the task at hand might be something you struggle with because you need cash flow.
If you can’t cater for your basic needs or always needy, you might want to neglect that project and dump the reason you started in the first instance.
Security and health is key in the focus game because it enhances productivity and gives you balance

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