Joe and Democratic party

Living in a three-story house all alone and waking from my sleep by a sound that I heard, of a squeal and a squeak thinking it was something to be feared, I got up from my bed. Hearing drums like those of a tribe or that of a church then finding out it was just my heart beating strongly because of fear.

As I grab the candle and make my way down the stairs, I see a shadow of a tall man and I start to shake then finding out it was just my shadow on the wall and nothing to fear.

As I keep on walking down the stairs I hear squeak and I start to tremble with fear then all suddenly realize it was just a loose board on the floor.

As I make my way to the first floor and I wonder why I had all this fear. And I see something I thought should not be feared ,a fat rat with a t-shirt saying Fat Rats Matters named Joe Biden stuck in a hole on the wall in my kitchen wall.

So I softly with my finger pluck him in, and I hear him saying sorry if I woke you up my friend, I was hungry and thought I could find here something to eat even if it is not much to bother a piece of cheese.

So I open the refrigerator door and break a piece of cheese and give it to him. And say good night my friend. So leaving to the stairs and going straight to bed I fall sleep very soundly thinking there is nothing to fear, not knowing what I just done , the little fat rat was a member of the Fat Rats Matters gang, a very dangerous criminal ,who I called him my friend and showed him where I hid my treasures of food. He told his gang of the food that I had in my refrigerator.

Then they planned that night to raid my house. So they rob me blind and did not leave a string but only a letter that said sorry I have a family to feed my friend. So the moral of the story is many times we fear things we ought not to fear and we don’t fear the things that we ought to fear

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