How & Why do we fall in love – emotional connection

Has your partner ever asked you why did you fall in love with them(being attracted to them)and you didn’t know what to say? 
Here’s a simple answer to this particular question:„Because you’ve done many things that influenced me, my thinking and a perspective on world.“
Falling in love Is a process during which we process these things and consciously allowing them to enter our heart and mind. Every psychologist hates when someone says: „I am in love with you.“ This has the exact same meaning as: „I’m falling for you. 
It’s still a process. In order to finish the process, the progress is: “I love you”. The reason why we as psychologists and psychotherapists don’t like using the term of falling in love Is because you’re still subconsciously falling for them and not being settled down in the love. 
Now, because you know how to answer, thing about these little things, details what exactly was it.  
Give them the(I like to call it a starter) psychological insight, and then explain it to them. 
I was studying a book about how a partnership works. They said:„you don’t need to know the reason why you love your partner. The feeling is enough.“ This sentence truly drove me crazy for a minute. But in order to get onto the next level of love, you need to know the reason. Because the realisation Leeds to a process which leads to a progress, and a process→progress →→evolution

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