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My name is Monit Kumar I  am a Blogger,Affiliate marketer, Digital Marketer, Youtuber, LinkedIn marketer & Entrepreneur. After completion of my studies in Moradabad(U.P.). I moved to Gurugram for my very first job. I started working in one MNC as a Mechanical Engineer. Now I am back in U.P., my hometown, and enjoying my entrepreneurial journey. I am a full-time Blogger, YouTuber, Entrepreneur & Freelancer. I help businesses & people to grow their revenue with the help of online marketing. Starting Mkd Digital as my dream project to help people earn money from the Internet with my knowledge and learnings. Do not want to pro or perfect however I started imperfectly and achieved my end goals. As I mentioned I am a Youtuber as well. I create valuable videos in Hindi for the Indian audience and I blog in English for Hindi and English audience both.   You can check out my YouTube channel here: Mkd Digital

My name is Monit Kumar and I am an Engineer by Profession and Blogger and Affiliate Marketer By Passion. I Started Rockbuget for Providing quality and Genuine Knowledge about the Blogging, Affiliate marketing and Online Earning related Content.

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