A Interesting Murder Mystery

In a village there is a person named Ram. He is a farmer. He daily goes to his fields early in the morning at 5:00am.One day unexpectedly he saw a dead body. Actually the person is none other than Raju, Raju and Ram fight against each other yesterday about their field borders. So Ram become tensed because he thought that the case will be filed on him. He left from there with tensed face. As expected the police arrested and interrogated him. They thought that he is innocent but there is a lot of pressure from higher officials as the Raju is the closest relative of ACP. The police continued interrogation… As time passed the post-mortem report is came, in the report the doctor said that the killer is used a knife which is sharp at the edge, one more thing is that the murder is not happened there, the body is brought there after the death. So there is no forensic evidence that the murder is happened at that place…. 
SI Vijay  takes the case very seriously, he started investigation. He interrogated all the villagers and the victim’s wife to know the enemies and possibilities who can murder him… The villagers all said that the fight between Ram and Raju earlier.Almost it’s two days since the murder happened there is not even a single clue and Ram is released on the bail. But the villagers saw him like a criminal. As time progresses the forensic team got a lead that there is a small clue that there are two shoe prints one is male and the other one is female. One is obviously Ram’s because he gone there but the other one is female… ( forensic informed to Vijay on phone call) 
Vijay said “ok thank you”… 
Then he started investigating the villagers about Raju’s wife because he suspected Raju’s wife at the beginning only.. 
The villagers said that she is very innocent and never came out of her home also. She is very friendly with all the people around her. She goes to temple every Saturday morning.
The Killer
While talking to the villagers vijay got a clue as he investigated her first time she said that she slept and not waked up at the time of Raju went to field. So he thought that she lied… And went to her and arrested her asking about this… 
He also observed there is pair of shoes which is exactly matching the crime scene footprints while checking her house.. But he has a doubt how can she lift a man weighting more than 85 kgs and asked her violently… She said starting all the story. Actually she has an affair ..Her husband got to know this and she was tensed, thought that her image will damage, then she decided to kill her husband with her affair partner..


He is………… RAM. 
Actually the Ram and Raju not fought for field and they fought about this matter

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