5 best picnic spots in West Bengal

When winter comes, many people think of going for a picnic with having a lot of fun, lots of enjoyment, best eating, best visiting with family, friends or relatives. Winters are famous of enjoying picnics in various places. As the weather changes, so does the mind. Who doesn’t like to sit together and talk with some good moods and have lots of fun and food on holidays? But where to go? How to go? If these things are not planned in advance, then it will be too late to program everything. So if you want to go on a picnic tour, you need to plan well in advance and have a good guide and guide book. 
There are several good places in West Bengal that can be selected as ideal picnic spots for the short term entertainment with the limited budget. Total five places are described from my experience and they can be selected as the best places of picnic tour. According to travel and guide, where to go? How to go? What will you see? all details are described as your short tour program. 
Tarapith : A visit to the holy temple Tarapith is a must with a winter picnic tour. On a pleasant day, a picnic can be enjoyed with the tour of visiting Tarapith Kalibari temple. There are many worshipers in front of and inside the Tarapith temple throughout the year, so you have to stand in a long queue in advance to offer pooja and it happens early in the morning. 
Thirteenth century old Tarapith temple with authentic Tantra mantras still practiced. Devotees gathering here to offer puja with buckets of flowers and sweets. The Tarapith was actually the Shaktipith, where Lord Shiva brought the body of his Sati. Since then, lakhs of pilgrims flocked to the holy Tarapith to have darshan of their mother and what a crowded Tarapith temple is today.
Nalhati is a little far from Tarapith. Nalhati; Bakreshwar; Santiniketan. Massanjore Dam; Kendubillo etc. These places are very popular mainly for the travelers. If you want to visit Tarapith and have a picnic in Tarapith, there are many picnic spots quite far from the Tarapith temple. The fun of winter vacation and picnic sitting in the shade of trees in the calm nature is really good. 
There are many AC or non AC buses available from different parts of West Bengal to reach Tarapith. Alternatively you can take a train from Kolkata to Tarapith via Barddhaman in around 4h 24m. 
Jaiarambati – Kamar Pukur : The birthplaces of Thakur Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Dev and Sri Mata Sarada Devi are at two distinct places – Jaiarambati and Kamarpukur. A total of 15 minutes from Jairambati, Kamarpukur area is good for a few days stay. However, if you want to plan to go for a picnic in Kamarpukur, then you must visit both the places there – Jairambati and Kamarpukur accordingly.
The tradition of Kamarpukur dating back to the middle of the 19th century is exemplified even today there is still quite a bit of rural atmosphere, with childhood memories of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Dev. There are still many year old banyan trees, mango trees, jamun trees, jackfruit trees etc those trees were grew up by the extreme nourishment of Sri Ramkrishna Patamhansa Dev. The abundant fruits produced by these trees every season are distributed among the many devotees located there after offering them to Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Dev. Thus the greatness of that place is still there. 
It takes only fifteen minutes to reach Jaiarambati from Kamarpukur which is at a distance of 6 to 7 km. While the Kamarpukur region may seem a little urban, the Jaiarambati region is nurtured in a very rural environment. Every house of Maa Sarada in Jaiarambati is made of mud and straw. Remembrance of Maa Sarada in the serene environment of the peaceful nature of Jaiarambati brings peace. The environment of this Jaiarambati is very secluded from the environment of Kamarpukur. Compared to Jaiarambati, there is much less traffic and people gathering here.
But the ” Garh Mandaran ” place near Kamarpukur can be chosen as a picnic spot. No one feels bad about choosing the picnic place of enjoying together and happily eating and enjoying throughout the day and thinking about picnic plans. You can visit several places including temples in Kamarpukur, viz. Simhavahini Temple, Jairambati Math, Puratan Bari (Old House), Matri Mandir, Punya Pukur, Nutan Bari (New House), Mukundapur Temple etc. 
Apart from AC and Non AC buses from Kolkata to Jaiarambati – Kamarpukur you can also avail train travel or hired taxi. Kolkata and Kamarpukur is around 2h 20m and covers a distance of around 91 km. Also Jaiarambati and Kamarpukur are well connected from the state to all parts of India.
Maithon Dam : Maithon Dam is the middle bridge between the west Bengal and Jharkhand. A building bridge over the Damodar or Barakar river, that flows through the region between West Bengal and Jharkhand. Located at 47 km from Dhanbad region, Maithon Dam is surrounded by natural beauty. Endless waterfalls on one side of the vast land are the wonder of the region. 
If you want to like Maiton Dam as a picnic spot, you have to go out early in the morning because the the natural beauty there changes from time to time. The fun of watching the light-shadow play of sunlight in the beauty of underwater nature is amazing. Also there is the temple of Maa Kalyaneshwari, where one can get a lot of mental peace by worshiping to the lord. Near Maithon Dam – Panchet Dam, Panorama Water Park, Sabujdeep, Kalyaneswari temple etc. You can choose one of them of your best picnic place or you can choose the vast field near to Maithon dam of your favorite family picnic tour. 
Maithon dam is actually called thermal power plant, which project is the joint venture of Tata power & Damodar Valley Corporation. In 1953 – 1957 and just after the partition, the Bihar Government and West Bengal Government jointly built this Maithon Dam mainly of flood control and setting up the thermal power plants. Coal based thermal power plants pioneered the use of subcritical technology and here’s the region has fairly cool-hot weather throughout the year and with it a large number of pilgrims and devotees. The water in the river remains constant throughout the year and boating facilities are available in the river. Along with it, there is a chance to see different kinds of birds chirping and a wonderful sunset at the end of the day. One can get a chance to see these things together while having a winter picnic tour.
Almost every mode of bus, car, taxi and rental car are available to go from Kolkata to Maithon. But the distance from Kolkata to Maithon is about five hours, and the distance from Durgapur near Kolkata or Asansol to Maithon is much less.
Hazarduari Palace : Hazar Dwari Palace in Murshidabad district is a historical witness of Islamic region. After the rule of Murshidabad by Nawab Murshid Quli Khan, Nawab Nazim Humanun Jah was appointed as the ruler of Bengal and he ruled Bengal, Bihar and Orissa between 1824-1838. At this time, a very long palace with a thousand doors and a thousand doors were built, of which one hundred palace doors are fake, but the remaining nine hundred doors are kept open in the palace. The endless beauty of this magnificent palace can be enjoyed from the vast grounds in front of the palace. Millions of visitors throng every year on various occasions to learn about the history of Hazara Duari Palace, Imambara Monument here. Hence, winter picnics can be organized in the vast wilderness in front of the Hazar Duari and to learn about the wonderful history of the Hazar Duari Palace.
You can have a picnic or of your short tour program and see many historical artifacts inside this palace of thousand doors and the outside entertainment. The palace was recognized by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in 1985. Since then, the palace has been one of India’s historic evidence and assets that have greatly benefited the nation in promoting its fine arts, which depict the ruler’s lifestyle and the heroic stories. Just in front of this palace is Imambara Monument and this palace is named Nizamat Imambara. The house is situated at a little distance in front of the palace and it is placed in a monument shape which adds to the beauty of the entire palace. 
Nasipur Palace, Nizamat Imambara, Jafarganj Cemetery, Khosh Bagh, Jahankosha Cannon, Katra Mosque, Motijhil can be chosen as travel destinations near Hazar Duari Palace. These places are very good picnic spots near the Thousand Door Palace. Also, many visitors from different parts of India and outside India also come from abroad to get knowledge about the Islamic history of this palace. 
It takes about more than five hours to go from Kolkata to Hazar Duari and for the convenience of all types of transportation, bus, train, taxi , rental car are available for common passengers.
Bishnupur Terracotta Temple : The terracotta temple of Bishnupur is a temple based on historical events, carved on mud and clay walls were built in the Malla dynasty. The exterior of this age-old temple is carved on every wall depicting war stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana and the social civilization and culture of the time. Historically, the art of Bishnupur is largely based on terracotta art. The main reason of this type of artifacts can be assumed to be the influence of the Malla dynasty and throughout the region in the mid-seventeenth century various types of art are made by making mud and clay crafts. As there was not enough stone and brick in the area at that time, terracotta temples were built by constructing sculptures carved on mud and clay walls. 
While the exterior of this temple is breathtakingly beautiful, the interior of this temple can be said to be a historical cave void . Goddess Durga Devi is worshiped here as Durgati Nashini to remove all kinds of misfortunes from people’s lives. For the ages and due to which the magnificence of this temple is remarkable. The terracotta temple of Bishnupur was first recognized as a ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ and later by the ‘Archaeological Survey of India’ in Kolkata in recognition of its ancient craftsmanship dating back to the seventeenth century. Many visitors from the country and abroad come here to visit the temple and visit the site. For the amazing glory of the outside of the palace, the adjacent area of Terracotta Temple in Bishnupur can be easily chosen as a picnic spot or a weekend getaway and one can see many unknown historical stories of the Terracotta Temple. 
Due to the influence of this terracotta temple, the terracotta industry emerged independently in the whole of Bishnupur area. The market demand of terracotta art made by the potters of Bishnupur is very high in that region. Metal craft, terracotta art, terracotta showpieces, conch shell carvings, terracotta Jewellery, terracotta handicrafts, terracotta art silk sarees, terracotta goddess idols, terracotta utensils, etc have become famous in abundance. The terracotta art of Bankura ( nearest in Bishnupur) district is famous of here’s the six feet high terracotta art horses and various types of pottery art ‘s market value is remarkable. The joy of picnicking along with the joy of terracotta shopping can be shared together during a visit to the Terracotta Temples of Bishnupur.
A holiday trip to the Terracotta Temples of Bishnupur can be combined with a lot of terracotta shopping. And after visiting the terracotta temple you can choose a very good picnic or tourist spots are – Bankura, Dalmadal Gun, Bishnupur, Jor Bangla Temple, Lalji Temple, Rasmancha, Madan Mohan Temple, Radha Gobinda Temple etc. The terracotta artefacts of Bankura district, located near Bishnupur region, are famous of their architecture and sculptures. The joy of picnicking along with the joy of terracotta shopping can be shared together during a visit to the Terracotta Temples of Bishnupur.
Lots of buses, rented taxi, cars, trains are available from the different corners of west Bengal to travel to Bishnupur.

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